Kristen & Jack tie the knot at Captain’s Quarters, Louisville, Ky.

This past weekend was a busy one for me. As a Knoxville wedding photographer I traveled to Louisville, Ky for the wedding of Kristen and Jack. You might remember them from December when we shot their engagement pictures in not so ideal weather. It was in the 40s and windy the last we met. This weekend was a little different. Though the rain visited just enough to bless the wedding day with a little luck, the day and event was beautiful with the skies clearing and the seas smooth. The day started with the token disaster, Kristen’s Mom left the steam machine under the fire detector in the hotel we were all staying at. As a result she got to meet allllll of the guests at the hotel along with a letter from the management apologizing for the incident. Thank god she wasn’t allowed in the wheel house. The wedding was held at the Captain’s Quarters, a nice restaurant and bar with a hint of sea sense.

Since the last time I had seen Kristen and Jack, Jack has graduated Law School. They plan to open practice in western Kentucky where Kristen teaches Special Ed kids.

Located on the Ohio River, the second half of the Kristen and Jack experience was on the water aboard the CQ Princess, skippered by Capt. Todd Kurger. The CQ Princess took a three hour tour down the Ohio to downtown Louisville, then turned around and paddled home to the good ‘ol Captain’s Quarters. The cruise was a blast as evidenced by the wedding goers tearing down the house, or rock’in the boat should I say. Here are some momentos from the voyage.


Jack’s Mom takes a gander at the book Kristen had made chronicling the entire history of the relationship between her and Jack.


Jack’s Mom gave a very special gift to jack, just before he got dressed for the wedding. It was a pair of cufflinks from his deceased dad.




Kristen’s Dad takes her down the isle.


The first moments as husband and wife.


The CQ Princess.


Don’t worry, these little bottles didn’t last long.


Captain Todd


The toasts….


Kristen sings a ballad for Jack.


This is seconds after Jack’s Mom did a shot of Tequila.


Kristen’s Mom does the gig….some kind of Kentucky thing.


And oh yes…there is always someone in the room that has to do the worm.


Kristen’s Dad just got the bill$$$


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