FAQ About Me

Why should we meet? Can’t we just do everything through email?

Great question! A lot of business transactions occur via email. It’s easier, more convenient and you even have something to reference back to in case you forgot something! But you’d be missing something very important if you don’t meet with a photographer – their personality.

Your wedding day will be a blur of people and activities, but your photographer will be there the whole day. You choose your wedding cake by tasting it. You select flowers by their beauty. You choose your photographer by seeing if they’re a good fit. Your dream photographer can have the most beautiful portfolio and fit your budget, but could be a nightmare to deal with in person. 

I always recommend meeting with potential clients right off the bat. This allows the opportunity for you to see my work up close and printed as well as get to know me. It also allows me to answer any and all questions you may have. Since I serve the Knoxville, Chattanooga and Nashville area, I'm available to travel. Plus, you get a free cup of coffee!

In addition to meeting me in person, the engagement sessions I offer also provide us an opportunity to work together before the big day!

Do you travel?

I do! There is no charge to photograph your engagement or wedding anywhere in eastern Tennessee, western North Carolina, Kentucky or north Georgia. If the travel time is greater than three hours, a limited fee will apply. 

Please ask for details. We are also available for travel worldwide.

What makes you unique?

My style is fun and laid-back. For much of the day I focus on blending in and simply documenting the day as it unfolds. However, at certain times it is necessary to interact with guests, mostly for formal pictures of the family and wedding party. I try to focus on making these times enjoyable and brief. You are unique. Your wedding is unique. Your photographs should communicate that uniqueness. Delivering great photographs begins with a commitment to provide outstanding service. I’m committed to the highest level of quality, service, and professionalism.

Do you shoot with a second photographer?

Some couples prefer two photographers to make sure every moment is captured. If a couple wishes to have a second photographer on their special day, my wife, Debbie, assists me. In addition to assisting during the big day, she also creates the custom-designed albums that all my clients receive. 

Do you use two photographers?

It depends. If you would be more comfortable with a guaranteed second photographer, a second can be arranged at an additional charge. I am a member of a network of professional photographers worldwide, which can help should another photographer be needed on short notice.

FAQ About Your Services

Do you shoot digital or film? 

I’m a hybrid shooter, so I can do both. My clients love that I offer the flexibility of digital shooting with the beauty of film.

How long are my images available online?

Indefinitely! I don't limit the amount of time that you can view or download your engagement or wedding images online. You can view and download your images whenever you want. For as long as you want.

Do I get to pick the images for my album, and how many revisions to the design do I have?

You can expect a draft of your album within a few weeks. After that you can have whatever engagement and/or wedding images you want, placed wherever you want, however you want. Album revisions come free with every album, although most albums are finished with one or two revisions.

How many photographs do you take during a wedding?

Around 100 images per hour coverage is typically delivered.

Do you have backup equipment?

Absolutely! This is one of the greatest days in your life, so I come prepared, because these moments will never happen again. No matter where you're located, Knoxville, Chattanooga, or Nashville, I bring all my gear.

The highest care is taken to protect the images that are shot and to ensure that any equipment failure will not affect the photography. I always use two cameras with a third back-up. This is a must for any photographer you consider. The images are shot on eight memory cards so that if one was to go bad only a very small percentage of shots would be affected. These cards are kept on me all day to protect against them getting lost or stolen. After the wedding the images are saved in four ways and off-site so that any computer malfunction will not affect any of your photographs. You can be confident that every detail of your wedding will be photographed and that those photographs will be safe. The photographs are stored indefinitely.

Can I have black and white prints as well as color or sepia?

The beauty of digital photography is that any image can be changed to black and white, or color, or both. This can be done without any loss in quality of either format. My preference is to examine each image and determine which format is most pleasing. It is great to show off the colors of your wedding with beautiful colorful images. Sometimes color can be a distraction and it is best to turn an image into a high contrast black and white. Black and white is simple and clean and helps focus your attention on the expression and the moment that is taking place.

What sort of albums do you offer?

I put a great deal of effort into the albums I produce. The presentation of the album is up to you. I have several cover options which include a traditional leather cover, or a more modern cover with pictures, multiple materials and embossments. Choose the images yourself, or let me tell the story through my favorite images. You, your friends and family will adore these albums for years to come.

How do I secure my wedding date?

Engagement photos and Wedding dates are secured on a first come, first serve basis. A signed contract and a $1000 retainer (that goes toward your package) is required to secure your date. I serve the eastern Tennessee region (Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Nashville), and western North Carolina, Kentucky and northern Georgia.